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E-mail Alert System

For law enforcement, public safety officials, financial institutions, security professionals and businesses

What is the E-Mail Alert System?
The E-Mail Alert System transmits information to businesses and security professionals regarding crimes affecting them such as-fraudulent checks / credit cards, counterfeit money, bank robberies, forgeries, shoplifting rings, etc., in addition to terrorist threats and other community emergency situations. This information is distributed 24 / 7 / 365 via e-mail. Alerts may also contain pictures and / or videos of the alleged perpetrators.

Who supplies the information?
This information is supplied by local law enforcement, the U. S. Secret Service, the F.B.I., Virginia State Police, Virginia Capitol Police, U. S. Postal Inspection Service, financial institutions and security professionals.

Special features for law enforcement and security professionals
Law enforcement and public safety officials can post alerts, which will be sent immediately to all subscribers via e-mail.

Security professional subscribers can send alerts directly to law enforcement and can also communicate in a secure environment among themselves. This system is database driven and can allow historical records to be accessible going forward.

Law enforcement may use the E-Mail Alert System to communicate to their local Business Watch Council.

The E-Mail Alert System has the endorsement of the Security and Loss Prevention Association (SLPA), law enforcement and several financial institutions.

General Subscribers pay $7.50 per month invoiced annually. This fee is waived for Retail Merchants Association members.

Security Professionals pay $15.00 per month invoiced annually.

There is no cost for Law Enforcement and Public Safety Officials.